Siop Fach Dwt -The Tiny Shop

Siop Fach Dwt – The Tiny Shop

Yes, it really is a tiny shop! It’s open every day and stocks a surprising amount of what you need!

We converted our little yard shed into Siop Fach Dwt (it means ‘Tiny Shop’ in Welsh). Our campers tell us it’s a welcome and charming addition to the campsite.

Siop Fach Dwt - The Tiny Shop

Siop Fach Dwt – The Tiny Shop

Our younger campers especially enjoy the independence of the daily stroll over to The Tiny Shop to buy bread, milk, eggs and orange juice for breakfast, pasta and Ketchup at tea time or ice creams when they get home from the beach.

French Friday is always popular during the main holiday season. Freshly baked croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche buns and baguettes are delivered from the local bakery in time for breakfast.

All the fresh, dairy and snack items we sell are made in Pembrokeshire or wider Wales. Our milk and orange juice is delivered in glass bottles which are then rinsed and returned for reuse. Our special Stackpole postcards were designed on-site by Laura and illustrated by Pembrokeshire illustrator Annie Brougham.

Siop Fach Dwt – the Tiny Shop is open Easter to mid-September
Every day: 4.30pm to 7.30pm ish
(At other times during the day, if we are at home, give a knock at the house; we’re happy to fetch stuff for you).

During autumn/winter when the campsite is open, while The Tiny Shop itself will not open every day, most of the produce is still available to buy from Laura & Stan at the house.

Product (listed alphabetically) Price
Fresh and fridge goods  
Brownies/Blondies and Chocolate Fridge Cake (when stocks allow), homemade at Stackpole Under The Stars From £1.50
Bara Brith (traditional Welsh fruit cake, made in Pembrokeshire) £4
Bakery bread – delivered freshly baked, we then freeze it, please order the day before you want to eat it, we’ll defrost it overnight Various, from £2.50
Gluten free bread rolls – bought frozen – order the day before you need them and we’ll defrost them overnight (or take them frozen) £1.25 each
Butter (Welsh block butter) £2.25
Dairy free milk (Alpro almond) £1.90
Eggs (free range, local) £1.80
Milk (semi skimmed, returnable glass bottles – please rinse out before returning empties to crate by shop) 80p
Orange juice (returnable glass bottles – please rinse out before returning empties to crate by shop) £1.80
Welsh cakes, made in Wales! (traditional Welsh flat scones) £1.60
Cupboard goods, crisps and confectionary
Baked beans 99p
Biscuits – Choco Liebniz / Sondeys depending on availability (best biscuits for making Smores with marshmallows over the campfire) £2
Cereal - Rice Krispies £2.99
Cereal – Variety Pack (Kellogg’s) £2.49
Chocolate - Mars 70p
Chocolate - Twix 80p
Chocolate – Tregoes Chocolate-covered Toffee Waffles £1 (single waffle)
Coffee – Pond House Coffee Roasters (fresh, locally ground) £6.75 large bag, £5 gift tin, £2.50 mini bag (2 cups)
Product (listed alphabetically) Price
Crisps – REAL (made in Wales) (Salt &Vinegar, Plain, Cheese & Onion) 70p
Honey – Pembrokeshire honey, made in Hundleton, 5 miles away £5
HP sauce (brown sauce) £1.70
Jam (made in Carmarthenshire) £2.70
Marmalade (made in Carmarthenshire) £2.70
Marshmallows £1
Olive Oil (Filippo Berio glass bottle) £2.49
Pasta (fusilli) 79p
Peanuts (Salty Dog salted or dry roasted) 70p
Tea bags – Fair Trade breakfast tea £1.90
Pepper pot £1.10
Salt pot 95p
Sugar (granulated) £1
Tinned tomatoes £1
Tomato Ketchup (Heinz) £1.80
Freezer goods
Ice cream tubs – Upton Farm – Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Bubblegum and Pembrokeshire Promise. Also Barti Ddu Rum and Raisin Upton Farm ice cream tub. £1.80 (Barti Ddu rum and raisin £2.00)
Tonic Water – Fever Tree (glass bottles) 95p
Cans of Coke / Diet Coke £1
Cans of Sprite £1
Orange juice (returnable glass bottles – please rinse and return to the crate by the shop) £1.80
Non-food items
Batteries – AA and AAA £1 each (Sold as singles)
Firelighters – natural, untreated ‘Flamers’ for fires and BBQs 80p (3 pack: one per fire)
Matches 30p
Nurafen painkillers £2.30
Post cards £1
Sanitary towels (Bodyform Normal) £2.10
Stamps (sold as singles) 1st   85p        2nd   66p
Tampons (Lil-lets Regular) £2.20
Tin foil £1.29